Hi there! I'm a concept artist, illustrator, and designer. I'm really passionate about creating compelling visual stories that connect with audiences, in games, film, and animation.

I grew up on the island city-state of Singapore where I spent most of my free-time as a child making things and drawing and painting. I made books, toy houses, newsletters, and wrote and illustrated my own comics. Eventually when I discovered Photoshop, I began to play with graphic design and photo-manipulation. When I turned 18 I moved to Columbus, Ohio, to attend the Columbus College of Art & Design, where I majored in Illustration and graduated in 2009.

Then, I moved west to California where I attended the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA), where I learned how to draw and paint classically in the 19th century academic tradition. I also learned about design and storytelling from numerous professional artists such as Ron Lemen, Nathan Fowkes, and Bill Perkins, and attended Concept Design Academy in Pasadena as well.

I believe that storytelling is a core human experience and it is a lifelong goal of mine to continue infusing modern media with captivating narratives in visual form.